Did Not Get There Over Night. Remember That.

So we are 2 weeks into RBL. I am not sure about others but it has not been that easy. I mean come on this week Girl Scout Cookies went on sale. I do not know about you but these things are pure evil to me. I use to order 20 plus boxes of them. This year the woman asked me how many I wanted to order and I think I made her cry when I saod 0. Now to some people this may not seem like much but for me it was a big step. Oh and lets not forget ordering from Subway this week I would normally get the Sup and have them add extra meat. Not this time. I ordered a healthy sub with extra…..Vegies, again this was a large step for me. I look at RBL and I see people at all steps in there journey. There is a woman who runs for a hour on a tredmill and then ther is another who eats very healthy. But then there are others who maybe having a haard time doing just 1 workout. So while we all are at different levels on what we can all do we are not necissarily at different levels of acomplishments. The person who only did 1 workout can be proud like 1 guy said this week in our RBL group that that 1 time may be more then they did last week so it is a acomplishment. Take all this one day at a time. Remember YOU DID NOT GET THIS WAY OVER NIGHT. Its going to take time. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not try to over do your workouts to the point you wont want to do them the next day, I do not know if it will help you but what has helped from me from time to time is before you workout to pray to God for help. I did today and was able to run on that tredmill for 10 minutes longer then I usually do and do some more chest work then normal.  Do not give up and keep trying. No matter where you are in this journey I am honored to be doing this along side of you. And remember your goal for doing this or your reason.  My goal is to run this 5k at the end with my daughter and to change my way of living and eating so I can be here to run many more.

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1 day at a time.

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