Hello my brothers and sisters, I’m going to warn you this post is a little long and I do apologize but I did owe you 3 blog posts. I’m pretty sure you all were ready to send the canine unit to look for me because I was suppose to return Friday and I did not. My sincerest apologies. If you’ve read my previous posts then you know my life is pretty busy. I’m just going to jump right in and update you on what has been going on since our last blog. Thursday I had my first team meeting, GO EASTSIDE! That meeting was a lot of fun. We did a devotional, we went over our point system, and we did an exercise with weights. I don’t remember the names of the exercises we did (you would have remembered if you wrote it down the next day lol) but they were mostly arm exercises, squats, and 60 seconds of high knees to finish. We did 15 reps and 3 rounds of these exercises with a minute of resting in between. Now the first round I was thinking this workout was too light, but by the end of the second I could feel it. After the team meeting I had a meeting with my Pastor about my ministry. That was a great way to end that night. My wellness checkup wasn’t until 6:30am but I woke up at 5:30am to pray because I was fasting. My youth ministry decided to fast the first Friday of every month for the activities of that month. Now when David heard I was fasting he was a little worried. This is why I love the fact that the YMCA is a Christian organization, he suggested I do a liquid fast so I wouldn’t get sick. Normally, I am very strict on myself the way I do my fasts because that is the way God has always put it in my heart. So I did my wellness check and I actually did good. Since the beginning of January, which was when I had weighed myself last, I lost 9 pounds! David gave me a lot of tips for when I workout and I scheduled our next sit down for this Wednesday. When I left he told me I did a really good job. I got so emotional because when I woke up early to pray I had asked God to help me do good and he helped me through it. So I prayed and decided to take David’s advice to do the liquid fast. I had a protein slim fast shake. I was able to go to work and go to my youth service without feeling sick. I even resisted eating pizza (my favorite) that one of the parents brought to eat after we ended our fast. That was all God! Saturday I decided to spend time with my mom because my busy week hadn’t allowed much one on one time with her and I prepared my Sunday lesson. Sunday, I went to church, then spent some time with my family. Overall my weekend was very relaxing. It was exactly what I needed to recharge. Today we get back to work! I’m going to be working on the exercises that were set up for me in my ActiveTrax. I’ll be sure to post pictures on my instagram page.

Until tomorrow my brothers and sisters.

P.S.- You can also follow my instagram account positively_less_vero where I will be posting pictures and videos. You can also message me and let me know if there is any specific content you want for the blog.

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    1. Thank you Kathy. There is a Victoria but I’m Veronica.lol Don’t worry though I get that a lot!

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