Trying to Ignore the discouragement

From the start, I have vowed to focus my attention on getting healthy, change my eating habits and cut out the sweet tea and sodas. After week one I felt extremely accomplished!! Due to a hectic schedule this week, I managed to squeeze in 3 workouts. The first was last Monday with my ladies from church. One of the ladies is into Crossfit. I asked her to come up with our exercises. I felt the burn from that workout for 4 days, lol. Did some great cardio and weight workouts on Thursday and Saturday (with my hubby and 2 of my kids). It was so very successful I decided that instead of waiting til Monday night weigh-in with my ladies group, I would go ahead and check my numbers. Bad idea. I know my focus shouldn’t be on my numbers, but I still was a little discouraged that I had not even lost a tenth of a pound. Week 2 I am just as determined as week 1 to get in my water intake, eat healthy, and get in my workouts. Looking back I know I FEEL better than I did last week. I am off the couch, I am staying active and busy. I know my dedication is just being tested. But I WILL continue on this journey, regardless where the numbers land.  Ironically, I had just started a 60 day devotion book “Made To Crave” that addressed this very thing! I sad NO to sweets, sodas and fried foods all week. I exercised even when I physically didn’t have the energy to do so. I was ACCOMPLISHED this week, even if the scales did reflect it. The scales reflect a number; but my attitude, motivation, dedication, commitment, self-control and energy level can’t be measured on that scale. Still though.. Hoping my numbers do start declining soon.

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