Week one

So the first week for me has been unfortunately not as productive as I would like.   I have been sick and have not been able to get my meeting completed with a trainer to receive my “exercise prescription” nor was I able to go more than one time to the gym to workout. There is simply no other way to describe my feelings this week as other than being frustrated and disappointed. I know this is a new week and am praying for strength and healing to get back in there to begin this journey.

2 thoughts on “Week one”

  1. Hey Jen-it really was good to see you at the gym Friday! It must have been so hard for you to get the flu at the time you did! But you are starting now and that is all that matters!! 🙂 Every step you take is a victory and the JOURNEY is so much more important right now! I will pray for complete wellness and renewed energy and strength for your body mind and soul! 🙂 Stay encouraged Jen 3!! LOL 🙂

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