I never knew I could love an app so much!

Hello my brothers and sisters, I finally used ActiveTrax for the first time yesterday. For the first time ever, I walked into the gym and knew exactly what exercises I was going to do. I chose the strength training for yesterday because I have a hard time knowing which machines to use. The machines were a good mix of upper body, lower body, and then I ended with some ab exercises. ActiveTrax let’s me know how much weight I should be using, what to adjust the seat settings to, and even how many reps to do. All the machines are numbered in the gym and on the app so it’s easier to locate the right machine. Once you locate the machine if you are unsure how to use it there are “how to” videos on the app. Seriously, bravo for whoever created it! Now that I’m done gushing about the app let me tell you how my exercise went. When I first started I was thinking that it was to easy for me so I raised the weight. I will admit I got a little overconfident in my abilities. After the fourth machine I realized how tired I was. I still had more machines and the ab workout. I know pacing myself is something I need to work on. When I started to notice my form starting to go I had to have a talk with myself. I said, “there is no way we got home after working all day, changed into workout clothes when all I wanted was pajamas, drove to the gym in this cold, and did those other workouts so well just to start slacking now.” I’ve found that if I focus on my goals sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I have over 100 pounds (overtime not just these 12 weeks) I want to lose just to be healthier. That number knocks the air out of me. So I choose to focus on the little things like all I gave up to be at the gym. If I am giving up my comforts then I need to make it worth it! I was able to get through my workout after that, but tonight I plan on pacing myself. To see pictures and videos from last night’s workout go checkout my instagram page.

Until tomorrow my brothers and sisters.

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*This post is not sponsored. I just REALLY love this app.lol

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