Struggle is real!!!!

It has been just a little over a week with the new dieting and working out but I have not done in years, I’m 46 years and my body is in shock LOL. When I was younger I lived in the weight room with the football players but now the struggle is real, getting up and finding the energy and motivation to go to the gym is harder than I thought it would be. With the strength of God and that support team that I have it makes it a lot easier. I find it necessary to have accountability partners in place to call you on your bull crap when you try to make excuses. I have lost 10 pounds since we started and I already feel a difference so that alone gives me a little more motivation to get up and keep doing the program. For me this is not a 12 week competition this is a life change for me. God bless you and I encourage you to keep on your path to healthy living.

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