Week 1 Complete

I finished week 1 !!!  I pushed myself to show up many times I just wanted to stay home.  I pushed through 3 hard team workouts, two of which were in freezing weather outside.  I felt great after all of them.   Today I wake up and my muscles are screaming in pain.  I mean yelling- “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US?”.    “Ouch”  seems to come out of my mouth as frequently as breathing.  I don’t even realize I say it sometimes.  BUT, I will press on.

2 Timothy 1:7 is my RBL Journey Verse:   “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” (NASB)   This is my constant reminder of what I have inside pressing me on through the hurts, through the lazies and through the potato chip cravings…   Power-Love-Discipline-Power-Love-Discipline-Power-Love-Discipline.  Fearless!  During my workouts I repeat this over and over again.  I know God’s Word is Truth even when I may not feel it at the moment.  If I repeat it enough and push through, I know that soon I will CLAIM IT!

My team is a huge inspiration!  What a great group of people God has allowed me to work though this journey with.   Sue pushes and encourages us toward our goals.  She is the greatest!

Meal planning and prep, cardio, weight training, team encouragement, and most importantly God’s Truth are all essential to my success.

I am thankful to Rob and His Radio for this wonderful opportunity.

I will press on with Power-Love-Discipline!


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One thought on “Week 1 Complete”

  1. You can do this. I am so thrilled to keep up with you from this far away state of Kentucky. ❤️

    PS Hi to Rob, Allison and Jim. I miss you all.

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