Little Wins = Big Motivation

Hello my brothers and sisters, story time! In November my cousin bought me a shirt for my birthday. This shirt is a really pretty striped black and white shirt. I looked at the size and at first thought it was going to fit big because it was a 2x. I normally like big shirts so I was happy and put it away till Christmas, which is when I decided to finally wear it. I was already running late for Christmas dinner so I was expecting to just throw my clothes on and go. So I go to put the shirt on and it doesn’t fit. I don’t mean it fit tight. I mean couldn’t fit both arms and my head in it. There are no words to express how I felt. My time was up for getting ready. With no other options, I ended up wearing the same sweater I had worn the year before. Everyone was asking why I didn’t dress up like I had said I was going to. It was so embarrassing to admit the shirt I thought was to big didn’t fit. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences. Well now for the happy ending. Today while getting dressed for work I decided to try on that shirt that didn’t fit a little over a month ago. I heard little voices mocking me for even trying since I’m to big to wear it. However, I quickly hushed those voices, held my breath, and tried the shirt on. IT FIT! The funny thing is yesterday I was looking in the mirror and got discouraged because I wasn’t seeing a difference. I went to sleep with that in my heart and this morning God gave me this amazing surprise. So even if you feel like you aren’t seeing results keep going. I encourage you to find your own striped shirt. Hang it somewhere you can see and wait about a month to try it back on. If you’ve done the work it WILL show. I can’t wait for the day that the striped shirt stops fitting again so I can get a smaller striped shirt……….or maybe a striped maxi dress this

Until tomorrow my brothers and sisters.

P.S.- Follow my Instagram account positively_less_vero to see the striped shirt!

2 thoughts on “Little Wins = Big Motivation”

  1. This is beautiful girl. I too have hung pants hoping to button them. And there are a hundred other measures like feeling ready to live my life and have the energy to enjoy it. Thank you for this encouraging and gracious post. Hugs to you.

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