So last week I was so gun ho. I had my assessment and met with my team. I knew I would be traveling this past weekend so figured I could start my active trax when I got back. I had emailed the lady in charge of our meals to get a handle on what food would be around all weekend. It was actually super healthy- lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Then Saturday I woke up with a horrible sinus headache and by mid afternoon, I felt horrible. It’s Wednesday and I am still struggling. I am taking everything I can to fight this. I did stay in bed all day Monday and to be honest I will probably be back in bed today too. I felt a lot better yesterday but I guess that was wishful thinking. I am a bit bummed that I can;t get started the way I want. But, I really see this as a delay not a stop. My biggest issue with my weight has been not listening to my body and definitely not treating my body with care. I have given everyone else a place at the table but me. One of my favorite songs on His Radio right now is “Come to the Table.” What a message I need right now in my life weary worn out come to the table. I am grateful I serve a Savior who went to the croos so I can have a seat at the table. I am reminded as I study 1John that Jesus was a substitute for me. How precious that is to me especially right now when I am sick and struggling to feel significant. He is my righteousness.

One thought on “Sickness”

  1. Your efforts will and do show up. I just takes time. Keep on being STRONG!! Get rest friend, feel better soon. You are in my prayers today.

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