Sore today….Strong Tomorrow

Hi everyone! My name is Jen. I’m a stay at home mom to two boys. My oldest is in second grade and my youngest is 14 months old.

I found myself in desperate need of a fitness and nutrition makeover right after our seven and half year old turned one but I wasn’t motivated. Instead I ignored my health. Just two years later we had a miscarriage and I ate my way through the sorrow.

Fast forward to 2015 and my husband met a coworkers wife who was big into fitness and nutrition. I remember he called me and said someone would be calling me about nutrition classes. Little did I know, this would start my journey into CrossFit!

After just four months of changing how I ate and working out two-three times a week, I had lost 25 lbs, many inches, and was down 5% body fat. Then in the middle of all of this I found myself expecting our third child. I continued to workout and take care of myself as best I could and found that this time pregnancy was a lot easier. Things were going well until we moved.

We came back to the Upstate because of a family member with some serious health issues. We welcomed our second son to the family on Thanksgiving 2016. Since he was born, I again put myself on the back burner and didn’t watch what I ate or exercise more than occasionally.

When I heard about Rob’s Biggest Losers I was hesitant to apply. I thought to myself why would they choose me?

So when I got the call I was surprised, excited, and then wondered could I make exercise fun again like it had been in Charleston? So now I am taking the Beast mode classes at the Eastside Y almost every morning! It is challenging and so much fun! Come join me sometime you might surprise yourself.

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