You’ve got this!

Today I reflect in the battle I’m trying to concur.

As I was scrolling through Instagram today, I noticed this quote posted by a good friend of mine. “You are beautiful. You are strong. You are a women warrior trained by the king for the very battle that is in front of you. You’ve got this.”

She posted this with a completely different type battle in mind. She’s pregnant with conjoined twins. She knows the likelihood of bringing her babies home or even holding them alive is almost at 0%. I’ve followed her post the past 8 months as she’s carried these sweet girls and I’ve thought, “wow, she’s so strong and beautiful”. Her battles is much larger than mine.

I sit here now and think about the battle I’m facing I’d trying to change my lifestyle and lose weight. I struggle often with cravings, not wanting to exercise, and trying to break the habit of fast unhealthy food. My battle is so small. I can’t do this. I’ve got this. You’ve got this! We’ve got this!!!!

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