Mini Goals

I wanted to set up rewards for myself along the way. I had it in my mind that when I reached goal I would upgrade the wardrobe. I’ve decided to set up mini goals along the way to help keep me motivated.

5lbs –   Fit for shoes
5%  –    Update a piece in my wardrobe
10lbs – Workout clothing piece
10% –   Fitness piece
20lbs – Update a piece in my wardrobe

What are your goals and rewards? I would love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Mini Goals”

  1. upgrade what? I really need to do this. I always think about pedicures and new workout gear. Everything can be so pricey. Maybe I should put 10 dollars aside to prepare.

  2. It takes my old bod a while to respond to the rigors of the program. I am phasing it all in slowly. I have to fight for every pound. I figured I need the shoes the most to evade injury to my feet. I have never had an evaluation for good fitting shoes.

    Upgrade in the wardrobe does not imply I will get rid of everything. I just will replace a few versatile classics with a more modern fit. Update maybe is a better word. Thanks

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