Eat Your Spinach

Photo Feb 08, 9 34 51 PM.jpgOne day I was on the internet looking for a homemade mayo recipe when I stumbled onto a recipe that blew my mind! It was green, I mean real green! I read the recipe and had everything to make the muffins. So I pulled out my blender and got started! I figured out the calorie count for each muffin. I get 9 regular muffins which are around 75 calories. I get 18 bite size mini muffins that are around 35 calories each. I like to eat them for breakfast or as a treat. When I make them I use dates that I chop into small pieces. I also use a very ripe banana. They freeze well too!

Here is a link to the Incredible Hulk muffins! Give them a try, you may like them.

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