The upcoming 5K is my mountain and I WILL CLIMB IT!!!

Hello all!!
I had a great weekend of workouts!! I lost 6 lbs according to the scale this morning!! I am pumped and so thrilled! I am thanking my AWESOME GOD that he has kept me going!! I did 5.3 miles Friday-on treadmill and stationary bike combined–did 3 miles on Saturday and did 5.3 again today!! When you see you first pounds come off it’s so motivating. I encourage everyone to keep going –even if you have a bad couple days(I did beginning of last week)–get back up again!! Keep working on your diet and get back to exercising-It’s so worth it!!

I made really good Grilled Chicken and garlic flatbread wraps today with fruit! I also bought really inexpensive rice cakes at ALDI’s that satisfy my sweet tooth and are very low carbs and even some protein.

Let’s stay in this together and keep encouraging each other!! Prayer going up for all!! 🙂

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