Attitude is everything

So, I was sick. I think it started last Wednesday but full blown by Saturday and then out for the count most of the week. I struggle with winter depression and so the sickness and the rain had really done a number on my attitude. In fact I still felt back as of yesterday. I was thinking man I have made a huge mistake doing this weight loss thing. I texted one of my good friends and asked her to pray for me. I was really discouraged and just was not seeing how I was ever going to feel better and just feeling super unmotivated to do well anything. My friend reminded me that the spirit can and will help us to see the fruits in our lives. I was so stunned by that simple truth. See I have been grumpy. Grumpy with myself,my family, my team…(sorry guys) and truth be told just feeling defeated. That one truth led me to pray God help my attitude. Help me to fight for your spirit in my life. Your spirit is here help me feel it. And if I don;t feel it help me to live in the truth that I have it anyway. Your word has told me so. I am still on the struggle bus in the mornings. But today was better than yesterday and I have already texted my husband and we are heading to the y after dinner tonight. I can make small changes and those small changes can add up to big ones. One choice at a time. One attitude at a time.

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