Did you miss me?

Hello my brothers and sisters, it’s been almost a week since my last post. Things got really busy last week. My Youth Group was preparing for a our big Valentine’s Day dinner. That took a lot of my attention and most of my free time. Thank God my amazing Aunt pretty much took care of everything. She did an amazing job. Let me tell you how difficult it is to be going through a lifestyle change and be around all that food. There was puerto rican rice, potato salad, pasta salad, chicken, ham, bread, and every kind of cake you could dream of. I meant to stop and get a salad before I got there, but of course I did not. I ended up having three small slices of ham with a slice of bread for lunch and two pieces of the chicken and a piece of bread for dinner. I was a little upset with myself because of the bread BUT the kids upstairs had pizza. Guess who was with the kids…….me. And guess whose favorite food is pizza…………also me. Plus chocolate is basically my diet kryptonite and I stayed faaaaaaaar away from the brownies that were trying to call my name. Can you say will power?lol Well more like God power because I was praying the entire time not to get tempted. Other then that my workouts have been going great. I feel like I’ve gotten a good system. I do need to add my cardio so I am taking a dance class today. My current frustration is whenever I weigh myself at the gym the number doesn’t go down but at my home scale it does. I’m trying to stay calm because we are only in week two, but my goal is two pounds a week. I think I’ll bring it up on Thursday to my trainer and see what he says. That’s all I have for today!

Until tomorrow my brothers and sisters.

P.S.- You can also follow my instagram account positively_less_vero where I will be posting pictures and videos. You can also message me and let me know if there is any specific content you want for the blog.

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