Hard to Get Started Again

Yesterday was definitely a Monday. I had taken Sunday off from working out—because it’s healthy to take one day off a week. But Monday came around and I absolutely didn’t want to work out…or eat healthy…or do anything I should.

So instead of going into the gym, I took our son’s dog, Cosmo, on a long—vigorous—walk.

It was the best thing I could have done! Getting out into God’s creation and breathing in the fresh air revitalized my flagging enthusiasm and energy. And Cosmo was really happy too.

I learned a good lesson. Even when I don’t feel like it, I need to do something healthy. Moving gets those mood-enhancing endorphins stirring and the world looks much brighter when I get up off the couch.

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  1. Oh you are so right, I have been struggling all day with my body saying no no no and my brain going yes you are….lol.

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