The road is not always short nor is it easy, but it is better then not being on the road.

So here we are week 2/3 of the Rob’s Biggest Losers. I am not sure about the other people but for me it has not always been easy. I hadoneyears of unhealthy living so it will take time to get on track. This week I had some hard struggles. We started off with the group running at the YMCA. I will say I did ok on that run. The next few days though my legs where in some major pain. I could hardly sit or walk. But someone in my group gave me a exercise to try and it really seemed to help. I had some eating issues also. I will be honest I had a Whopper the other day and it was sooo good, but I felt bad after eating it. I have made strides in changing my eating habits. Today for example after I did my cardio work out at the YMCA I had lunch. I wanted a Big Mac but instead I had A fruit cup and a kids cup of Poweraid. That was around 1pm or so and I am still not hungry. I am making strides to do better. I no longer care if I win at RBL or not. This is a lifestyle change I am working on. I have surrounded myself with people in my HOME group that I hope will be a life long support group for each other long past RBL. Thats the thing, a support group makes things alot easier knowing you are there for each other, and GOD knows I have needed mine this week.HA!HA!  IT is a hard road for sure but I am doing it 1 step at a time.

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1 day at a time.

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