Gained a pound!

Photo Feb 14, 7 59 46 PM.jpgI gained a pound. I was just in shock. I have been working out sometimes twice a day and eating spot on! How could this happen? I spoke with a wellness coach, that looked at my ActivTrax and said I am not eating enough calories! My body is hanging on to every bit of the nutrition it is getting. I have been making good food choices just not enough of a serving. I asked how can I add good calories to what I feel is a lot of food. I eat a lot of veggies everyday. He said to eat hard boiled eggs as a snack to add protein. Well I can do that thanks to my feather babies. I cant wait to see if eating more helps drop a few pounds!

2 thoughts on “Gained a pound!”

  1. I so understand and how frustrating that is but he’s right, we have to eat enough….you can do this

    1. Suzanne, I eat right just not enough. I was not even getting 900 calories a day. I have actually lost 122 pounds already. We can do this with God!

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