Life happens

Week 2 flew by and at the end of that week I took my son and we went to a Cub Scout sleepover at a science museum. I had to be very mindful as to what I was eating since I couldn’t get to the gym for those two days. When I got home I got sent to my knees with some hard news. Life happens and I knew bumps in the road would happen. I am not in some protective bubble while doing RBL but I do have great support to help me. I so badly wanted to turn to my comfort foods, curl up in my bed, and tune the world out. I couldn’t do that though because I am committed to this change. I am stuck with my healthy food and instead have turned to prayer and God to get me through this trial. I am not perfect though my head hasn’t been totally in the game and my workouts haven’t been as intense as they were before and it shows. That was my wakeup call tonight! Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to go all at it again and give it 110%. My favorite new song especially when working out is Toby Mac “Till the day I die”. Enjoy the video and I will be back soon with some great recipes.

Till the Day I Die

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