A Gift for Me

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I gave myself a gift.

I took time to work out.

I planned my meals and made healthy choices.

These may not seem like very fun gifts—especially since social media is covered up in pictures of roses, candy, and romantic—calorie-laden—dinners out. But making myself and my health a priority was important.

The gift I’m giving myself, with the incredible blessing of HisRadio and the YMCA, is life-changing. It’s going to ensure that I’m able to spend time with my husband and my kids and grandkids as a participant, not just an observer.

How about you? Why don’t you join us and give yourself the gift of experiencing the amazing life still in front of you?

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Edie Melson is a freelance writer and editor with years of experience in the publishing industry. She’s a prolific writer, and has a popular writing blog, The Write Conversation. In keeping up with the leading edge of al things digital, Edie has become known as one of the go-to experts on social media for writers wanting to learn how to plug in. Her first book, Social Media Marketing for Writers took less than a month to move into the best-seller category on Amazon. As a sought after writing instructor, her heart to help others define and reach their dreams has connected her with writers all over the country. She’s the co-director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, as well as a popular faculty member at numerous others. Edie is also the Social Media Coach for My Book Therapy. She’s a member of numerous professional writing organizations, including the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, The Christian Pen, The Christian Writer’s View I and American Christian Fiction Writers. She’s also a regular contributor on NovelRocket.com, a Writers Digest top 101 websites for writers, as well as a regular columnist in Southern Writers Magazine. Married 30+ years to her high school sweetheart, Kirk, they have raised three sons.

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