I got sunshine in my pocket…

Not only do I literally have sunshine today (thank you God for the weather!) but this girl has pulled out shirt #3 that hasn’t fit in almost a year and is wearing that bad boy!!! Wooohooo!!!!! #literallydoingahappydancerightnow

Even tho I have had a kind of blah week and actually gained (I know muscle weighs more than fat but….) I can see and feel results!!! And I got my 1st compliment from one of my besties who I don’t get to see very often. “Girl I can tell you are losing weight! I’m so proud of you!” She and I do joint healthy recipes and at times workout together. I love you, Sheri! Thank you! 😘

Y’all have a blessed Friday and a fantastic weekend. Continue to pray for our country, our world, our leaders, and those involved the tragedy in Florida. Pray for Cheynne fighting for her health at MUSC. Most of all guys remember #WEAREHIS!! PROCLAIM IT!!!

Love ya mean it, Gina 😘

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Trying to change my life, one step at a time. Blessed for what God has done for me!

8 thoughts on “I got sunshine in my pocket…”

  1. woohoooo girl, way to go and you look mighty pretty in that top…..have a good weekend and spread that sunshine/sonshine around.

  2. Really great post!! Thank you for your encouragement and positive attitude!! Really appreciate everything you said and reminded me of!! I needed it tonight!! You go girl!! WOO HOO!!! WE ARE HIS!!!! 🙂

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