Stress = Struggle

My wife and I are put in a position where we have to move. We are in search for a house to rent, We don’t have perfect credit so it makes the third but much harder we have to be out of here by March 5 and stress is piling on my shoulders as the man of the house. With the stress of trying to find a place to live and worrying about becoming homeless it kind of puts things in perspective on your life and what is important to you. The number one thing and the most important thing to me is God and then my family. So to be completely transparent and honest with everybody I have not been in the gym or been eating healthy for a week now. I have told myself I have to be in the gym so I am going to start back up with 100% dedication on Monday, please pray for me and my family as we are in the search for our home much appreciated and God bless.

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