Low carb lunch

So I have here some easy recipes for a low carb lunch or supper. Split boneless/skinless chicken breasts and stuff. That easy. One is chicken cordon bleu(in picture on bottom right), ham and swiss stuffed with some spinach. The other is Greek(bottom left), feta and spinach. Used Mrs. Dash for seasoning and the cordon bleu spread a little bit of Alfredo over it. The Greek a little lemon juice and…wait for it…submarine sauce. Yes…the stuff near the deli department for your sub sandwiches. 0 carbs and super yummy!!! Then there are the zucchini fries. I have 2 kinds here. The ones on the left are just drizzled in olive oil and some Mrs. Dash. (If you don’t already know…Mrs. Dash is great and no sodium if you gotta watch salt intake!) The ones on the left…follow along…you spread some mayo on the exposed cut portion (not the peel) and then dip it into Kraft Parmesan cheese. Done. Roast til brown. So yummy. Now this may not be good for everyone bc I know some are counting calories, some counting carbs, etc. But tweek the recipes if you want. And again…PINTREST! It’s amazing and is for guys too…not just chicks. Haha. Going to enjoy the weather on the glorious Sunday! God bless y’all!!! 😘

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Trying to change my life, one step at a time. Blessed for what God has done for me!

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