Sunday evening and getting ready

It’s late evening my bags r packed for the gym. I haven’t had the time to cook this weekend like last weekend but sitting here thinking about what I will eat next week and stay on plan. Today is my day of rest I have worked out 6 days straight and even got to workout with my daughter yesterday a first. I was sitting here going over my visualization notebook things I want to do, pages from my weight watchers logs from 15 years ago and yes I kept them they r being a great motivational tool for me. I have scriptures quotes and pictures of me in all shapes and sizes and for the first time in a very long time I have ….

1. Made through the 2nd week blues and not crashed and landed.

2. I’m kinda looking forward to next week and working harder.

3. Actually thinking about what I can eat ahead of time and how to stay on goal.

And not matter what comes my way this coming week I realized this past week with the Bible study I’m doing ‘I am loved’

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I'm 55 years old with two grown children and two grand girls.

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