Working on more than my health…

This past weekend I did not get to the gym at all. I did workouts at home. I feel bad about this but, at the same time, I needed some home time. Going back to a previous blog about juggling 4 days or more at the gym, work, spending time with kids, cooking, cleaning, spending time with the husband, etc.

My kids went to their dad’s this weekend so the husband and I were able to spend some much needed quality time. I worked out at home though!!! Sit ups can be done in the floor. We also have a basic weight bench and free weights. I was able to adjust some strength training with our free weights and do the same moves as the machines. We also went on a wonderful walk Sunday afternoon with our dog and got in 1.5 miles.

God has blessed my husband with a job he really enjoys and a company he likes after being laid off with his previous company after 20 yrs. He works 3rd so I don’t see him much lately. He works over time (BLESSING!) so when that happens I never see him. This weekend he didn’t have OT so what a great weekend to just do the little things together. Grocery shop. Clean house. Watch some our fave shows on dvr until 2am. Fall asleep on the couch while watching said tv shows. Cook together. Chat. Laugh. Exercise. Worship together Sunday morning. (Church together today was GREAT!) It was all just really needed.

It’s hard juggling all this and finding balance. Am I eating the right thing? Will I lose this weight this week bc last week I gained? Am I neglecting my family?! Am I doing things right?! Ahhhh!!! 😣 That’s kind of my brain some days.

This weekend was relaxing and brought my husband and I back to feeling like out first dating days. He spurs me along on this journey and the craziness of life in general. He always tells me the little things a woman likes hearing. He is a blessing and my best friend.

God is so good y’all! If there is anyone that doesn’t know His goodness and love, seek Him because He is waiting!!! Ask me if you have questions!! I cannot express how blessed I am for my God and my Jesus.

Just feeling loaded up on happiness and emotions this weekend guys!!! Excuse my blubbering blog!! 😭😁

Have an amazing week!! Be blessed!! 😘🙏 #excusemyemotionsyall #IamHis #Hismerciesareneweveryday #RBL2018 #ilovemyhusband

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Trying to change my life, one step at a time. Blessed for what God has done for me!

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