This journey is 50% spiritual, 30% mental, and 20% physical. When I started this journey Jan 24th, I would have told you it was 80% physical, 10% spiritual, and 10% mental. I have to realize in this journey that a lot of my problem is that I wasn’t giving God all my problems. I was holding onto them and medicating with food. Yes God was there and a part of my life but I was holding onto it tightly. I first had to let go and let God so I could make better food choices. I had to start turning to God rather than food. The next biggest obstacle was the mental aspect. At first, I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I was so excited. I was getting the spiritual aspect fixed and mental was good so workouts (the physical part) were going good. That came to a screeching halt Feb 9th. I hit a major mental block, spiritual was fighting a warfare to keep things in check. I struggled so hard last week. I felt mentally defeated. My workouts weren’t as good because I just wasn’t feeling it. I got on the scale last Thursday and I had gained a pound. I was totally defeated going into what I knew would be a tough weekend being away at a conference and having to eat what they cooked and not getting much exercise because I would be sitting in class all day. Early Sunday morning sitting outside the dining hall, I was reading my Bible app and doing my devotional. As I prayed I heard God whisper remember this is about Us, you have to Trust me. He was right 50% of this was about getting things back in order with God and replacing my food addiction with a hunger for Him. I got back into town Sunday night ready to tackle the gym Monday. I went in this afternoon and hit it hard like I use to. I even tried a Pound/Zumba class. I have learned I can’t let a number on the scale control my mental state. I just need to lean harder on God and with His help keep working.

2 thoughts on “50/30/20”

  1. Thank you April for your transparency and inspirational blog!! I have been there and kind of am a little bit again now. But you give us all a great reminder!! Thank you so much for being willing to reveal your struggles and encourage us!! πŸ™‚ Great job!! πŸ™‚ And praising God for all our journeys!! πŸ™‚

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