I will be an overcomer

Oh what a Bible study today. I battle a lot in my head and I’ve come to realize a lot of it is the sneaky devil but I’m doing the ‘I am loved ‘ Bible study by Wendy Blight. I have to share, all afternoon just felt blah. So talking with the Lord on the way home and I have a very long drive home, about everything being the same and how this not fun and what do I need to do, just blah blah with a lot of whining. Well I know one thing he showed me what I need to be doing and that is to be an overcomer. Wendy states this “we are either overcome or we are overcomers, We can allow the devil to make us feel overcome by our circumstances, our emotions and difficult trials but when we yield our lives and surrender our hearts to Christ , the evil one can not hold us captive. God infuses us with a new nature, a new identity, a new empowerment and a new equipping”

WOW it’s Like new strength for me. I hope someone can get this like I did.

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I'm 55 years old with two grown children and two grand girls.

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