Day One Away: Challenge Met!

Yesterday was my travel day. That meant a nine-and-a-half hour car ride, then an evening buffet, dessert reception and first night in the hotel.

In the past, that would have been a recipe for disaster.

Instead, here’s how I met the challenge. 

  • Before I left, I prayed with my husband—for him and for me to stay on track.
  • I reconnected with my prayer team, again sharing specific requests.

On the car ride down:

  • I drank a lot of water—fun because I’d treated myself to a new water bottle before I left.
  • I did allow myself one diet soda because even though I know it’s not the best health choice, it’s something I love and I’m trying not to deprive myself of everything and drive myself to failure.
  • For lunch I chose a salad with grilled chicken.

On Site

  • I basked in the glow of the compliments about how I’m losing weight. It feels so good that people are beginning to tell a difference.
  • At dinner, I chose veggies and ham, and used a large plate for salad instead of the usual tiny bowl.
  • Since I’d allowed myself a diet soda on the road, I stuck to water.
  • I met up with my friend *waving at Lindsey* who’d promised to exercise with me and we made plans for a walk later in the evening.
  • At the dessert reception the only tricky part was getting in the door and turning down the yummy ice cream sodas. Once inside the room, I was better because I kept circulating and visiting with old friends so there wasn’t time to miss the sugary treat.
  • Before I settled for the night, Lindsey and I took a two-mile brisk walk. Not only did it feel good to have uninterrupted time with my friend, the walk got rid of the aches and pains I’d developed from the long car ride.

I know this week is going to serve up some challenges—and I won’t alway end up the victor. But I’m trying to catalogue my successes so when I stumble, I can keep it in perspective.

Thank you all for your encouragement and for your prayers!

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