goals big and small

This week our goal was to get in 4 workouts in active traxs and 4 cardio workouts. Tomorrow I will finish up my 4 in both categories. Getting in the weights workouts have been tough. It doesn’t take very long- only about 20 minutes but the Y is about 15 min away and it seems like there is always something else I could use the hour to do. That is actually why I wanted to be a part of this journey. I knew I needed something to help motivate my activity. I am not seeing any change in the pounds but I am seeing the fat percentage go down and that’s really exciting.  This has been a rough season for so many people. This past week I had a sinus headache (the rain and the change in temperature) and that can really effect my mood and my desire to do anything. I was super proud of myself for Tuesday morning getting up and doing my walk/run. My friend was supposed to meet me but had to cancel to take care of her car. I had a short amount of time to get the walk in and be downtown to volunteer for a show at Gunter Theatre. And I did it!!! I felt so proud of myself for doing this. In fact I think the older I get the more I think of how hard it is to do hard things. When I was young I could be overly optimistic and believe things would always work out. Well now I know that God wins but that His win does not always look like I think it will. He will receive the glory. I can;t let my idea of how a situation will turn out decide for me if I will try. Life may be hard but He is good and loves me. He never condemns me and that’s really good news on a foggy Tuesday as I wog in the rain. Press on

One thought on “goals big and small”

  1. Great job this week! did my 4X4 also. I am starting to feel stronger. It the beginning of a run. I still do not want to do the thing but in the middle and end, I enjoy it. Keep pressing on girlfriend. You are making great strides.

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