Seeing the changes…

It’s the little things along this journey that make me realize “Gina you can’t stop now!” In the last week or so I have tried on a few different shirts that I have not been able to wear ever! You know that shirt you buy without trying it on bc it’s cute and it’s your size so you’re like…oh I’m sure it will fit. WRONG!!! PSA: NOT ALL SHIRTS THAT ARE YOUR SIZE ARE CREATED EQUAL!!! 😡 I wish I could design clothes for real women!!! Anyways…another thing that happened to make me go “Whaaaaaa?!” My RBL2018 shirt doesn’t fit anymore!!! It’s like a nightgown and restricts my movements when working out!!! So just when I feel like saying I can’t do it anymore I think of my shirts. My jeans that are a little looser. So if any of you feel like stopping don’t bc it’s the little things we need to take note of to keep trucking on!!! We got this!! 😊💪


This last week or so I’ve been having an issue with my knee and ankle (ankle was fractured a few years ago and never healed right) if yall can send a prayer up for a sister that would awesome! 😘

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