When Scale Doesn’t Reflect Effort

This week I have worked out extra hard in the gym and weight hasn’t budged much.  To be honest I was disappointed, first week with no real weight loss. Than yesterday I was able to move my belt down another notch.  I may not always see change on the scale, but I know I am loosing inches and have a stronger healthier body.

One thought on “When Scale Doesn’t Reflect Effort”

  1. Hi Rachel! We are on the same boat. It is quite disappointing since we think that #=success. I had a hard time with the scale until I started to notice the changes in my clothes, specially the belt! Haha. I was so excited! I started to take a lot of pictures in front of the mirror at the Y. I can see the difference from two weeks ago, but it’s not visible in the numbers. Keep up the work!

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