Finally Headed Home

I’m in the car headed home and it’s giving me some time to process how the week away from home and schedule went.

Here’s how I think I did:

  • Best part of the entire week was the closeness I felt with God. I could tell people we’re praying for me and I could see God’s hand guiding me and encouraging me. And when I stumbled how quick He was to remind me of His grace. He also reminded me that I must extend that same grace to myself.
  • That said, I definitely had some stumbles. Sugar is a temptation for me and I had a BIG dessert last night at the awards ceremony and dessert reception.
  • I was able to walk for cardio, but didn’t have the time or space to do any strength exercises. I think I should have tried harder to make time.
  • There were several periods of time where I couldn’t get out of my own head. I struggled with discouragement and thoughts that I shouldn’t bother even trying because I’ll never succeed. These seemed to come when I was over tired.
  • On the strange and wonderful plus side of the week, I actually miss working out. I never thought those words would pass my lips. And the fact that I feel this way is one of the biggest gifts of this process.

Overall, I’d give myself a B+ for the week. I’m learning that as great as the opportunity to be part of Rob’s Big Losers is, it’s not all lollipops and rainbows. Lifestyle changes take time and effort. But changes are coming and I’m excited to continue the journey!

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