Being Silent

Okay, I know I get very silent and in my head sometimes and it’s a struggle for me to let go of these insecurities.   Let me tell you a little bit of my story.  June of last year, I went with my family to Myrtle Beach for the memorial day weekend.  My mom and I went down early and needless to say, it didn’t start well, just a lot of little things went wrong.  My daughter and her girls came down later that night, went down to help them get things up stairs, well I fell in the parking lot, hard fall and scrapped my leg, thank goodness nothing broken, just bruised and battered and my pride.  Well weekend went on, got a little sunshine and on the leg I scrapped I thought it was sun but by the following weekend, I had red streaks running down my leg, and that meant a trip to the emergency room, where they scared me worse.   All this said, I ended up out of work for almost 3 weeks, with my leg propped up and a serious bacterial infection that scared me to death.  I tell you all this to say I found out during all this, my blood sugar A1C was over 10, I knew something was not right.  So for the rest of the month of June I started Janumet meds and then went back in July. I had lost a little weight and was giving up sugar (very very hard to do) and it still wasn’t good and I didn’t want to give myself shots, so we added another medicine on with the ultimate goal of losing weight and getting off the meds.   WELL I can say I stopped taking one of my meds this past Friday.  I’ll be honest, I have had a tough time with my tummy and fatigue.  I thought it was just that I worked out so hard on Thursday but it’s the meds but today is the first day I don’t feel like I have been run over by a mack truck.   Woooohoooo!  So I will start back with my workouts again tomorrow, my doctor said give it at least five days to clear my system, today is the 5th day and my blood sugar is still good and I feel better.  And I’ll be honest when I’m not exercising and eating right, I get silent.  So today I’m trying to stop that trend and do better.   Thank you for reading/listening and keep up the hard work.

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I'm 55 years old with two grown children and two grand girls.

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