Tough Week

Good morning my brothers and sisters. Last week was not a good week at all. My grandma’s birthday was the day of my radio interview and I did a good job pushing it to the back of my head while on air. When I checked my facebook I saw the pictures of the year before and it was too much to handle. I felt really sick after that and pretty much took the week off. It took a lot to get back into the gym on Saturday. I’m happy to say I’m back on track but that slip up cost me. Not only did I not lose but I gained two pounds. Ugh, my goal is ten pounds a month and with that setback I won’t reach that this month. However, this is a lifestyle change so I’m going to learn from my mistake and move on. My grandma had this saying in spanish, “La belleza cuesta.” Which means beauty costs. I keep saying that in my head and hopefully that will help me stay on track for the rest on the program. My goal is to lose weight in order to live the healthy life she dreamed of for me.

Until tomorrow.

One thought on “Tough Week”

  1. Love that saying! Going on air is a trip!! It is hard to believe Rob, Allison and Jim do it everyday. Great job getting back in the game. You got this girl!!

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