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So this has zero to do with weight loss or recipes or workouts. Totally just trying to mix things up a bit! Wanted to share a little bit about my dachshund, Opie. I’m 39 yrs old and he is like my first real pet. I mean I had pets as a kid because we lived on 15 acres but dogs weren’t allowed indoors so, they got to roam our land. Had horses (they really can’t come inside) but obviously they stayed in the pasture and barn. This little guy came into my life by chance last year in late July. I had fallen into a spell of depression and when this guy came around, my world changed. He loves me unconditionally! Loves to just sit and snuggle or play. Loves to be outside and he loves to bark!! He protects our house from everything!! The dog next door. The dog across the street. The neighbor walking down the street. The leaves falling. The squirrels in the back yard. The wind. You name a bad thing and he will protect us from it!! He thinks he is Doberman.

Now, at first my husband was like no way…Im staying in our bedroom because animals are not to come inside and I can’t deal with this. Needless to say after about a week his view changed completely. This dog now sleeps with my husband who works 3rd shift. This dog sits in “daddy’s” lap (as my husband refers to himself). This dog also rides in the car. Plays fetch. Wrestles with Daddy. All the things my big, burly husband said never to this little guy has made him see the light. He is such a blessing and so funny. He loves playing woth our boys. They love to take him to the dog park and ride him around town for ice cream during the hot times. He loves to snuggle and always has to wrap himself up around someone’s feet come bedtime. Usually mine but at times he will change it up and I find him in the bed with one of our sons. There’s just a different feeling in our house. I firmly believe God created dogs for us here on earth to have a life long love and companion. After all God spelled backwards is DOG!!! Here is a pic or four just so you all can partake in the cuteness that is our Opie!!! (I will not say he has his own album in my photo gallery on my phone. 😏) Can you tell he is spoiled rotten?! Thanks for letting me share guys!! 😘

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Trying to change my life, one step at a time. Blessed for what God has done for me!

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