It amazes me how much obesity affects us. I am realizing how little I thought of myself because of being overweight. I let people’s thoughts and opinions affect how I perceive myself. Through this journey, not only am I losing weight but I am learning to be healthy both inside and out. I am learning how to make healthier choices resulting in a better me. Furthermore, I am realizing my self worth and value. No longer feeling inferior because of my poor self image. I am learning that I deserve more and that I don’t have to accept things the way they are but I have the power to choose to speak up or take risks or seek better. I like this new me. I spoke out against what was happening at work. I had been quiet and just accepting things as they were because of feeling inferior and thinking things couldn’t change. Well, I stood up for myself and spoke up for myself. Now I am in a position to help make changes. My company offered me the position of office manager. I know before this journey, I would not have had the confidence or the courage to stand up for myself. Again, I like this new me and I am excited to see how my life continues to evolve as a result.

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