More Advice from Snoopy

This week was a tough week.  Of course, things didn’t go as planned.  I was only able to get to the Y four times this week and couldn’t make it to a walk with my coach.  I also didn’t lose any weight this week.  Bummer.  On the positive side I had my 4 week assessment.  I lost two inches off my waist.  Yahoo!  I even made it to 24 minutes on the treadmill one afternoon.

The midpoint gathering was a very good thing.  I helps me to remember that I am not the only one with struggles.  It also gives me more things to pray about.  Praying for the so many struggles the members of RBL are going through.  Thankfulness for the blessings and support that I have.  I am not sure where I would be with out the support and prayers of friends.  I know I would have already given up if not for the support of my wife.

Please continue praying for improvement on my cardio exercise.  My goal this week is to make it 1 mile on the treadmill, I came close at 24 minutes, but not quite there, but as Snoopy says, “Be Determined”.  One small goal at at time.  This is only possible with your prayers, I cannot make this without them.  THANK YOU!

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