Looking forward..

We had a great time at our mid-point meeting Saturday. I went to the Y early Saturday for a workout before the meeting. Then decided to take the stairs at the church to get to our meeting room. Had no idea I had to go up 2 levels (or I may have resorted to taking the elevator instead, to be honest). But after taking 4 sets of steps, my knees ached – but I was still able to breathe!!  I nearly cried because it had been SOOOO very long since I had been able to take just a small set of stairs without completely giving out and being so winded I could barely breathe.  Our meeting was so inspirational!! I look forward to weigh-ins each week and am REALLY looking forward to my mid-point assessment later this week. I look forward to my daily workouts, and even eating my healthy meals. There is so much I am going to miss when our 12 week kick-start is over .. but I am looking forward to rest of my life!! I am looking forward to the day when I am doing all this just to “maintain”. I look forward to not only walking or climbing steps, but being able to RUN, without getting winded. I look forward to one day not only sharing shoes, but also clothes,with my daughter! I look forward to having the energy to chase my grandchildren in the backyard! Then I look forward to helping others make the same decisions I made, proving that it CAN be done!

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Donna Satterfield

I just turned 49 and decided to take charge of my life! This is my year to get healthy and fit. FITBY50 is my motto.. I know I won't be at my ultimate goal by then, but step by step I know I can do it because "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me". I have a daughter with some disabilities and 2 grandsons I have to keep up with - this is my year!!

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