It is amazing what a new day will do. And the glory goes to GOD. I have struggled with my runs since this journey began. I could do most of the run but then would quit or…well I would  Well this morning I went to the local Rec center in Clemson and decided to use the tredmill, Mind you I have been running on the street around where I live. Something told me to go use the treadmill today. I hate using the treadmill because of all the college kids and Ihate jogging around them and its really okward. But a voice told me to do it. Well I went and I did the entire set, and YES , I jogged also..WOOHOO. Sad thing is I blew out my shoe (It has air cushions).  So I had to get some new shoes. This afternoon I wanted my kid to go to the track near me but she would not so I went by myself. And I turned on my Jog play list and guess what? I did another full jog workout. I was so jacked. It was a major rush. GOD was with me. All the GLory goes to him for sure. This is a journey that I am loving more and more.


(veronica is another RBL in my group who always tends to be the top step maker in our FITBIT group. So I am gunning for her


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