New wardrobe from old clothes

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. I have begun trying on all my old clothes that didn’t fit. There are now two shirts and a pair of pants that fit me again. I love trying clothes on But I do have a pair of jeans that don’t fit that are my new motivation. I think the things I’m struggling most with right now is the eating healthy. I was doing so amazing but I had one cheat day that turned into a cheat week. The problem with me is I don’t eat that much so if I eat something unhealthy I know my body stores it because that is all I will eat all day. So I’m trying to get back into my routine one step at a time.  I’ve gotten into the groove of working out so that is now a habit. I love going and seeing how much easier certain exercises are. Speaking of that, yesterday I had planks with leg raises. Normally when I do that I am falling all over the place, but this time I got through my set and decided to do an extra 20 seconds of straight planks. Boy am I feeling that I can’t believe we are already this far along in this journey. I am so excited to do the 5k in the end and see my progress!

Until next time!

P.S.- You can also follow my instagram account positively_less_vero where I will be posting pictures and videos. You can also message me and let me know if there is any specific content you want for the blog.

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