Water logged

Ok. I know this is straight up blasphemy in the south and ESPECIALLY since I am 100% southern but…a couple years ago I gave up sweet tea. Yes. I know. I can hear y’all gasping with your hands over your mouths. It just got to where it was like drinking straight up Maple syrup! YUCK! Bad part was I stopped sweet tea and started drinking diet sodas big time. I developed heartburn which I have never suffered from before. I felt swollen and bloated all the time. As a matter of fact I did have swelling of my legs at times. About 1 year ago I finally decided to give up diet Pepsi. I was drinking at least 2 per day sometimes more. It was hard but, as with kicking tea to the curb, I feel so much better! My joints and body do not ache as much. I’m not as bloated. I have switched to water. Lots and lots of water. Lotsssss of water!!! Haha. It literally hurts my throat now if I drink a diet soda and hurts my tummy. If I ever have the notion to pick up tea it has to be unsweet….yeah yeah yeah…I know…that isn’t southern. But it is healthy!

My new goal is try and drink almost a gallon of water per day. Now I keep a water bottle all day and can fill it up at work and that is usually what I order if we eat out somewhere. (FYI, if you don’t order water at a restaurant you have lost your mind! To make a glass of tea with refills at a restaurant costs the restaurant only 25cents…now go look and see what it costs to order a sweet tea and do the math…we have saved tons with 4 people in the house!! Plus…it created a habit in both kids to drink more water!) Now another cool thing about drinking more water is I get my steps in! Hahaha…all that walking back and forth to the bathroom helps!

Just wanted to share some of my reasons for becoming a water drinker. It’s also nice to add fruit, veggies and herbs to your water sometimes. Yes you heard me. Try lemons and blueberries in your water. Or strawberries and lemons. Cucumbers and mint leaves. There are tons of recipes on http://www.pintrest.com and other sights. It is refreshing. And easy way to get nutrients in your body. But, it is TASTY! If you just cannot get past tasteless water, (which I am sorry not all water is created equal…I will only drink tap water, Dasani or Aquafina. Yes I’m a water snob. Other brands literally taste weird to me LOL), try Crystal Light packets. The green tea mango is super yummy. The lemon iced tea is good too. I will take them to restaurants and use them in my water there. Changes it up once in a while. I know water isn’t for everyone but seriously read up on the benefits for your body. Then read what sweet tea, diet and regular soda, and sugary fruit juices or sports drinks do for you body. It is quite disturbing. I do slip up once in a while and have a diet soda (usually diet Pepsi) and I pay for it later with aches and pains in my tummy but, switching to water has cleared up my skin, made me feel better, made my joints feel better, and just makes me feel good about the choices I am making for the one body I get.

Y’all have a good weekend! And challenge yourself to just start with more water here and there. Before long you might drop the sweet tea too!!!

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Trying to change my life, one step at a time. Blessed for what God has done for me!

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