It All Comes Together.

So this Journey I started about 5 weeks ago has been one of ups and downs. There have been times I wanted to quit and times I was just so excited (like There are just so many misconceptions about living a healthy lifestyle. Many of these are put into our heads by the media and even the Devil himself I believe. For example, “It costs more to eat healthy”, while the prices of healthy food are more the amount you eat when trying to be healthy decreases. A $7.00 Chick-fila¬† meal might not seem bad but you can make your own lunch for less than half that if you are trying to eat healthy mainly because of the portion size.
There are many things involved in a healthy lifestyle its not jus tfood and its not just exercise, it is many factors. And unless you put all them into action you are climbing a hill that has to top. For me the hardest thing for eating healthy is my family. They are not on the “Healthy Eating” band wagon yet but I hope in time they will see the results in me and come to the “healthy side”. It’s a commitment for sure. It is a life long commitment. Our bodys are a temple. God gave each of us these bodies and we should respect the gift he gave us. That means treating it healthy. Everytime befor eI workout I take a minute and thank God for this body and ask him to continue to help me to make this body better to glorify him. For those who do not believe in God or are unsure all I can say is that you only have 1 body so treat it right so it will do the same to you.

I Give GOD the Glory for all things in my life good and bad. I have had to overcome obsticles in my life that would make most people scream. God helped me quit smoking. God helped me overcome my PTSD and he will help me with this.

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