New Week & New Challenges:

After last week, I thought it could not get any more difficult to figure in when to get the movement in?  Early and late hours are my main opportunity to workout.  Some days, I got up at 4am and worked out again at 9pm.  I have never done that kind of thing before in my life… Funny thing–I am sleeping better than ever and the workouts help curb my appetite to stay on course with the food.

This week our dog was due to give birth any day.  My husband was traveling for business. I have never assisted in a home delivery before!?! I was more than scared and not knowing what to anticipate. Would everything be alright? I did a lot of reading on
the subject.

She did it naturally and healthfully. She had ten puppies, eight in a period of four hours before I was up to assist her.  When I got her settled in and she finished I was able to get the C25K run done.

My sweet, first time mama dog was such a mighty example of God’s goodness and how He is strong tower for delivery.

God is truly good and in control. He helps us through it all allowing us to trust Him more in difficult times. Do you want to see the Labrador/Bernese Mountain Dog pups?

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Ps 46:1 KJV

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