On Gods Time.

I felt the need to post this so here it goes. First off let me say what a pleasure it has been to be a part of Robs Biggest Losers. I have learned so much about my self and have started making changes. I look back on my life and I am just in awe of what GOD has done for me. 20 years ago I was homeless and literally living on the streets. I mean literally. If you ever have been to downtown Greenville you might remember an old abandoned train that was all alone on an old track under a bridge at the end of Reedy Park. Or you may remember the old hotel off Main street just up from the Bilo? Well, I literally lived in both places. I remember the cold nights. The looking in the trash for food. And I remember hating GOD. See I felt GOD never did anything for me in my life. I suffered and still do from PTSD. AS a child I was sexually abused at home for years and at school, the kids use to pick on me and where very mean. In fact, I even tried suicide a few times. Man, I hated GOD. But I got out of that situation. I got married to a wonderful wife and had an awesome child. I went to church with my wife and my daughter because they wanted to go. Truth be told looking back I didn’t like going. I eventually moved to Central, SC. God was still nowhere in my life to be seen. I started Attending ALIVE Wesleyan church and little did I know what a change in my life that church would have. My daughter in the meantime was attending R.C. Edwards in Central. I found out after some time there were kids who were really mean and picking on her, She came home from school many times crying and saying she never wanted to go back. So let me add this, isn’t it funny how you can look back at things later in life and say, “GOD, was there putting his plan in motion”? Well I entered a little contest put on by what has become what I call my Christian support group..lol Tiffany Finley Moon. We won the contest and they did so much to help Abbys self-esteem. She was even on the tv and His radio where she was interviewed by Rob Dempsey and Alison Storm Lowry. It made such a change in my daughter’s life, and in mine. Still to this day I talk to Tiffany Finley Moon when I have questions and she is always there to lend an ear. So fast forward to 2 years ago. I was driving down the road and heard a song on the radio Come to the altar by Elevation Worship. I know this will sound crazy to some people but for some reason when that song came on (and yes I remember exact spot this happened), I got the biggest chills over my body and just started smiling and crying. I felt an indescribable feeling I knew what had to be done. The next day I contacted my pastor Tom Harding and asked about baptism. I told him I didn’t want to rush anything and I wanted to take the time so I could make sure this was not just one of those temporary things. I waited a year, yes a year. During that year I learned so much about GOD and his love. I even forgave the people who had done me wrong and that was hard to do especially since I was sexually abused by a family member. I had a lot of hate. But I learned to give it to GOD. At the end of that year, I got baptized. Since then I have not looked back. God plays a key role in my life. I am not perfect by far. But I am a work in progress. All my friends and family have seen the transformation of my soul. And thanks recently to Rob Dempsey and Robs Biggest Losers and people at the YMCA like Leslie Treece Knox and Erika Taylor O’Brien who have taken the time to show me how to grow on the outside or in my case shrink down. I have been making healthy lifestyle changes. I mean now I look forward to exercising. So thank you all. And thanks to the great support of others in the RBL group also.a

So I guess my point is that no matter how bad your life is or has been that if you take the time and give your heart to GOD miracles can happen. We God might not answer your prayers on your schedule but he is always listening and cares. I thank GOD for all the trials and tribulations he has put in my life because it has made me who I am. A child of GOD.

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