Weekend Trip

This past weekend we took a group of young people to Camp Awanita. I have to say I was feeling a bit stressed when we got there and seen how wide-spread everything was. I knew it would be a weekend of walking – with hills. To say I was feeling a bit of anxiety over it, would be an understatement (just ask others in the group! lol).  I tackled hills, paddle boats, TONS of walking, a ropes course (minus attempting the wall, but braved crawling through a tire – even with a bit of a panic attack half-way through), and 4 consecutive volleyball matches – that just about done me in! I believe I am more sore from this weekend than I have been from any workout I have done so far at the Y. Proud of (most) of the food choices I made over the weekend. I didn’t make ALL great choices, but I guess we will see how good/bad it effected me when I hit the gym tonight.  The main thing I learned is to stop getting over-anxious over things that USED to give me breathing trouble! I never once lost my breath … well, except for the claustrophobic panic attack inside that stinking tire!! Awesome to see how far I have come since the middle of January – I couldn’t have made it thru half of what I did this weekend before then! What a BREATH of fresh air!

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