Slow but Significant Change

For me, the change appears minuscule. When I started this weight loss journey I imagined that people would be amazed as the pounds melted away.

Not so much.

It’s been much more difficult than I expected, but there have been changes.

  • God has shown me the freedom from health issues that have come from taking better care of my body.
  • My stamina and mood has improved.
  • I’ve been sleeping better–and more consistently.
  • My clothes fit differently.

This past week I’ve had several people comment on my weight loss. And that has been encouraging.

I’ve learned that the kind of life-change I’m making requires a significant amount of discipline and patience.

I didn’t get her in a few short weeks, and I won’t reverse the changes in a short time either.

But I’m happy at the changes I see on the outside and thrilled with the changes I feel on the inside.

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