Dressing Room Dread to Delight

One of the dreaded things ever for me is trying on clothes. The critical opinion of myself (my weight) in just about anything I would try on. Usually leaving me in tears and most of the time leaving the store empty handed. That was before my life, and attitude, changed with RBL. This weekend was the first time I went clothes shopping for ME! Found a dress I absolutely loved! Only problem was they only had 2. One would have been too big even 2 months ago, the other was 2 sizes smaller. My mind rushed with thoughts of discouragement if I went to try it on and it didnt fit. But then I thought of a positive — if its close it will give me something to strive for to hit by the end of the month. I grabbed another dress in my current size as a “Plan B”. Much to my excitement and surprise… IT FIT!! I was so elated!!! Now I guess next step is to start saving for a new wardrobe I will need in the coming months. And to look FORWARD to trying clothes on again is a wonderful feeling!!


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