Now more than ever I feel the effects.

When first starting out, Running pained me! That is the best way to explain it.

Now, that my running is more continuous. I mentally “need” the deeper level of connection.  It is like running allows my brain more creativity and allows it to think on a more congruent level. It is not about the speed but efficiency of the vehicle.

When I started my last run on Tuesday morning, I was using the interactive hike simulator.   I love how you get to the end of the paths and you have these gorgeous scenic vistas.  I thought, “My life and body is like those vistas, a thing of design and wonder.”

Then I noticed further into the run my stress and tensions were released.  My mind was releasing a message to relax in the rigor and enjoy the new pace established. Burning off steam helps me more than you can imagine.

Then the unexplainable endorphin rush at the end of “I made it”.  It is like your batteries are recharged. It is helping me to sleep better and function more smoothly throughout the day.

How is running changing your life?

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