Found my love of hiking….again!

I have always been an outdoors girl. Nothing makes me happier than to be out camping, sitting by a campfire, or hiking. All of these activities though were becoming harder and harder especially with the weight I had put on and as out of shape as I was. Hiking had become almost nonexistent for me. One of my goals at the beginning of this journey was to be able to hike again and it be enjoyable. I found that joy this last week. I started with my usual small 2 mile hike at Lake Conestee on Sunday. On Tuesday, I wanted to preview a hike that I would be taking my scouts on to see if I could do it. I completed a 3.67 mile hike at Tugaloo State Park. I was able to complete that without much trouble so I decided I was going to try another on Thursday. I had always wanted to go to DuPont forest and do the waterfall hikes. We hiked just a little over 5 miles that day. It felt so good to be back out on the trails. Yes I was a little sore but it was a good kinda sore. The hiking bug had bit me again and it felt great to be back at one of my favorite activities. I finished off the week with a 3 mile hike at Lake Powhatan. I am already scouting out my next hike and itching to be back out on a trail. This journey hasn’t always been easy much like the trails I may venture out on but I am glad I persevered so I could experience the joy of hiking again.

Enjoy some pics from this week!

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